I told ya’ll I’d be back, here I am. Since toady is Memorial Day, I’d talk about my military family. My Great Grandfather died in the navy, and my Grandpa was in WII and the Korean War. Also, I thought Id talk about what I did last week/weekend. I went with my friend Faith to the fair near the mall parking lot. Also today, me, mom, and dad went to the zoo. That is my blog for today

Week 34

I can’t believe this is going to be my last blog post…at school, i will still post at my house. First, we are almost finished with the movie “Gifted” we are on scene 4 of our movie. Then, we sold Lucas bands for a kid in our school who has cancer. (I will post the commercial along with the movie today next week) And today, we will have a health talk and the q and u wedding, and the 4th grade talent show, and the teachers vs. students basketball game. That is what I did on my 34th week of school.

Gifted script (I’m Liam)

( at house eating)

Grandma: Liam eat your carrots!

Liam: No Grandma!

Grandma: Now, Liam!

( Liam gets up and leaves)

Liam: I’m going to my room Grandma!

Emrika: I’m eating my carrots Grandma.

Grandma: Yes Emrika, you’re Grandmother’s sweetie.

Emrika: Oh, I know Grandma.

( after Emrika eats carrots)

Emrika: I’m finished Grandma. May I be excused?

Grandma: Yes sweetheart, you may be excused Emrika.

( Emrika goes to Liam’s room)

Emrika: ( knocks) Hey Liam. Everything ok. No ones picking on my big brother at school, are they? 

  Liam: ( sad ) No, no, I’d tell you if that was true Emrika. You don’t know what today is, do you? 

  Emrika: Carrot Day?? No hump day?

Liam: No, today is mom’s birthday.

Emrika: Is that why your so angry Liam?

Liam: I remember it like it was like yesterday.

( flash back)   

  Mom: I am back from work guys!  

     ( grandma hugs ) 

  Grandma: you’re home, great!

Mom: I need to talk to you about something…  

  Grandma: about the gem.

Mom: shh the kids will hear you mother.   

  Mom: mother come in the dining room.

( Looks both ways while going into the dinning room)

Mom: I’m tired of this same conversation. I can’t sit here and see people hurting while we have the gift and the…..

( grandmother interrupts)

Grandmother: ok.. ok.. you’ve said to much, we can figure this out.

Liam: Mom, I’m ready!

( holding instrument)

( mother on her knees crying)

Mom: I’m sorry, I love you with all my heart, it’s not about you or Emrika, I just have to leave for a little while, you’re grandmother will take care of you, I’ll come back.

Liam: But mom, you have to see my talent show.

Mom: I’ll be back sweetie.

( grabs bag and leaves)

( flash back ends)     

   Emrika: I was so little at that time. so its hard to remember what happened.

Liam: Well sadly, I do.

                                               Scene 2  

        ( NEXT DAY) ( doorbell rings)  

Emrika: I’ll get it!

( walks towards door)

Emrika: Who is it?    

Penelope: Your bff!

Emrika: Come in.

( Penelope walks in)

Emrika: How are you?

( door shuts)

Penelope: doing fine, how are you?

Emrika: Ehh, it’s an emotional day.

Penelope: Why?

Emrika: It’s my moms birthday.

Penelope: Oh.

Emrika: Let’s go to my room.

( girls walk upstairs)

Grandma: Go outside I’m cooking breakfast!

Liam: But I want to play video games.

Emrika: Ok were coming!

( girls walk down stairs)

Penelope: How are you Mrs. Garrison?

Grandma: Doing fine, sweetie.

Penelope: Great to hear.

( girls go outside)

Liam: But

Grandma: No buts Liam, now go outside!

( Liam goes outside)

( when girls are outside they try to climb up a tree)

Emrika: Uhh, this is hard.

Penelope: Agreed.

( Liam walks up to them)

Liam: You girls can’t climb that tree??????

Emrika: Well, why don’t you try?

Liam: (yawns) I’m to tired to climb that tree right know.

Liam: Sorry girls not in the mood.

Penelope: Aww, do you need a nap baby.

Liam: ( angrily) Uh, get out of my way.

Emrika: Go for it big brother!

Penelope: yeah you can do it!

( Liam climbs the tree)

Liam: Ha, I made it!

Emrika: Liam watch out!!!

Liam: What, ahhhh!!!!!!!!

Emrika: Liam!

Penelope: I’m going to get Mrs. Garrison!

Emrika: Ok, but hurry!

( Penelope runs inside)

Penelope: Liam is hurt!

Grandma: What, what happened!

( talking while walking outside)

Penelope: Liam thought he could climb the tree and slipped.

( they reach Liam)

Liam: help!

Grandma: Oh my gosh!

Emrika: No hurry call 911!

Liam: ( painfully) uhhhhh.

( Grandma puts hand on Liam’s leg and he was heeled)

All: What just happened?

Grandma: ( says in a nervous voice) Oh look, time for breakfast.

All: ( nervously) ok?

( at table eating)

Liam: Tell us what happened, how did you do that?

Penelope: I think Its time to leave now.( runs)

Grandma: Kids, come in the living room with me.

( all walk in the living room)

Grandma: Emrika and Liam sit down for a second.

Liam: Grandma, I’m very thankful for what you just did but WHAT DID YOU JUST DO!

Grandma: What you just saw was me using my healing power.

Emrika: Oh, your healing power. Wait…your healing power?

Grandma: Our family has the ability to heal. It goes back to our great ancestors who came from France.

Liam: Wait…our family has healing power. I’m counfused.

Grandma: Your family name Garrison. When you translate that to French it comes out to guérisseur. Guérisseur means healer.

Liam: So we all have healing powers.

Emrika: Grandma, I’m pretty sure I can’t heal people.

Grandma: Not yet because you are not ready yet.

Emrika: I am responsible!

Grandma: But sweetie, your only 10.

Liam: So does that mean I get the power?

Grandma: This is why your mother and I argue. You are too little to understand it.

All: sigh.

Grandma: Ok, I’ll get your dishes.

( Grandma walks in to the kitchen)

Emrika: ( leans over to Liam) I wonder when were going to get the power?

Liam: yeah. ( sighs)

            Scene 3


          ( Next day)

Grandma: We have 45 minutes until the dinner party, so get ready!

Liam: I don’t want to go.

Grandma: Why?

Liam: I have a load of homework to do.

Grandma: That’s a pretty good reason not to go to a dinner party.

( Liam walks upstairs)

Grandma: Emrika, do you want to go?

Emrika: Go where?

Grandma: To the dinner party

Emrika: What are they having?

Grandma: They are having noodles, rolls, and ice cream cake.

Emrika: I’m in!

Grandma: Get ready then.

( Emrika walks upstairs)

Emrika: Already on it.

( 30 minutes later)

Grandma: You ready, Emrika?

Emrika: Yes!

Grandma: Ok let’s go!

( Emrika walks down stairs)

Emrika: Is Liam going?

Grandma: No, he has work to do.

( Liam walks down stairs)

Grandma: Liam, don’t go anywhere, don’t do anything crazy, and no inviting friends…..

Liam: Ok.. Ok.. I get it, no doing anything fun.

Grandma: Ok bye!

Emrika: Bye, Liam!

( Grandma an Emrika leave)

( Liam nervously watching Grandmother and Emrika leave)

Liam: ( rips of robe and hears a beep) Ok she’s here lets go!

Claire: ( Yelling) Get your bike, Liam!

Liam: Geez, i’m coming!

Claire: Finally, took you long enough.

Liam: ( Liam jumps on bike) Let’s go!

Claire: Ok.

( 15 minutes later)

Claire: We’re here ( Jumps off bike), whoa they have a hot tub!

Liam: Who cares? Do they have Monopoly?

Claire: I’m going to get some soda! Do you want anything?

Liam: Yes, nachos and some fruit punch.

Claire: Ok.

( walks away)

( 12 minutes later)

Claire: I got the food Liam!

( See’s Liam on the floor asleep)

Claire: Oh no, It’s almost 10! I got to go before my parents get home.

( runs to her car)

( 1 hour later)

Patrisha: Hey kid, wake up, the party’s over.

( Liam’s phone rings)

( Centuries ring tone)

Liam: Hello.

Grandma: Where in the world are you?!

Liam: I’m… just, just… at school.

Grandma: Liam, it’s Saturday.

Liam: Fine, I’m at a party.

Grandma: The party I told you not to go to! Looks like your not gonna get the gift.

Liam: No…No wait!

Grandma: Sorry, but looks like Emrika is gonna get it, because she was responsible at the dinner party and acted like a young lady.

Liam: I just don’t get it.

Grandma: Go home Liam. Just come home.


Scene 4

(grandma and Emrika working on the gift)

Grandma: Try again.

Emrika: I can’t! It’s too hard.

Grandma: Concentrate. You have to feel it from deep in your bones.

(Emrika tries and fails. Gets mad and leaves)

Grandma: Erika, come back. It just takes time.

Liam: She’s too little. Let me try.

Grandma: I don’t give the gift. It finds you when you are ready. Maybe She isn’t ready.

Liam: If mom was here, she would give it to me. (runs off)

Grandma: (whispers to herself) He’s right. Where is she?

(Emrika and friend playing in yard with neighbor’s dog)

Emrika: Come here boy. Good job. (throws stick)

Penelope: My turn. Here boy, fetch!

Emrika: I wish I had a dog.

Penelope: Me too.

Emrika: Watch this. Go long, Fido. (throws stick and it bounces into the street) No! Fido stay!

(dog gets hit by a car)

Penelope: He got hit by a car.

Emrika: Oh no. Give him to me.

Penelope: His breath is slowing down. It’s ok Fido.

(Grandma hears girls yelling. Is about to go out the door but stops. Looks out the window.)

Grandma: Dig deep Emrika. Believe…believe…

Emrika: Penelope. Go inside and call 911.

Penelope: Ok, I’ll go fast.

(Waits for Penelope to leave)

Emrika: (talking to herself) I can do this. Dig deep…breathe…breathe. (places hands on Fido and breathes. hands become warm. startles her but she keeps going) Dig deep…breathe…breathe…focus.

(dog pops up)

Emrika: Fido!

Grandma: Penelope, hang the phone up. No need to call 911. The dog is ok.

(dinner time and no one is talking)

Liam: Ok, is anyone going to talk about what happened today? I mean…anyone?

Grandma: I’m proud of you, Emrika. Were you scared?

Emrika: At first but I just remembered what you told me. I didn’t try to force it but let it come.

Liam: I’m proud of you too little sis.

Emrika: (hugs him) That means so much to me. I thought you would be mad.

Liam: No, I’m mad at myself. I’ve let my emotions keep me from reaching my full potential. It’s time to let the past be the past.

(next morning walking to school)

Emrika: You were really proud of me?

Liam: Yes, I am. Yes, a little jealous but proud.

Emrika: Grandma is right you know. The gift has to find you.

(gets cutoff because a electric worker gets knocked unconscious)

Liam: Emrika! Help him!

Emrika: Come on!

(Emrika and Liam roll over the worker, check, pulse, and feel for breathing)

Liam: He isn’t breathing, Emrika! Hurry!

Emrika: (places hands on him) Dig deep…breathe…breathe

Liam: Hurry!

Emrika: It’s not working. I don’t feel it. It is not the same. I can’t. It won’t work. Yell for Grandma!

Liam: (looks over to call for Grandma and sees mother in the background) (whispers to himself) Mom? (Mom nods yes) Let me try. (Liam turns around and places hands on the worker) Dig deep…breathe…breathe..focus. (hands become warm) Dig deep…breathe…breathe..focus. (worker wakes up coughing)

Emrika: You did it! Liam, you did it!

Liam: Wow! I guess I did. Emrika, I saw mom. She was right over (turns and points but she is gone) there.





Scene 5

(at dinner but no one is talking)

Emrika: So…no one is going to talk about what happened today?

Grandma: I’m proud of you, Liam. I knew it would find you.

Liam: Thank you, Grandma.

Emrika: I proud too of my big brother.

Liam: Thank you, Emrika. (in a sad tone)

Emrika: What’s wrong?

Liam: I know I saw Mom. I know it.

Grandma: I know sweetheart. We all wish she was here. She would have been proud of you.

(knock on the door. everyone freezes and looks)

Liam: I’ll get it! (runs to the door opens it)

Penelope: Hey Liam. Is Emrika here? Need to talk to her.

Liam: (head drops) Yeah, come on in.

Penelope: Hey Emrika. I was just talking to the Baxter family and they are moving. They wanted to know if you wanted to have Fido. Where they are going, they can’t have dogs.

Emrika: (looks over at grandma. grandma nods yes) Yes!!

Penelope: I’ll go tell them. I’ll bring him right back over.

(dinner is over and door knocks again)

Liam: Emrika, someone is at the door. It’s probably Penelope!

(door keeps knocking)

Liam: Emrika!! Get the door please!

(door knocks)

Liam: Fine! I’ll get it.

(walks into the door and sees Emrika with tears in eyes)

Liam: Emrika, what’s wrong. Is the dog (looks toward the door) mom? Mom! (Liam runs and hugs mom)

Liz: Liam! My sweet boy! Emrika! Come here!

Emrika: Mom? Is that you?

Liz: Yes, sweetie. It’s me. I know I have been gone for too long but I’m here now.

Emrika: Mom! (runs and gives hug)

Grandma: (comes into the room) Welcome home Liz…welcome home.


Week 34

I had an amazing 34th week of school. First, we went on a feild trip to KARM, we meet Mrs. Dorris, toured the homeless facility, and went to the thrift store to sort clothes. (comment below if you’ve been to the homeless facility or the thrift store, or both) Next, we had electronic day at school in the library, I Minecraft and Five Nights at Freddy’s 3. Next, we started to film the movie gifted (I will post the script, I am Liam btw) and last,  we only have 9 and a half days left. That was my 34th week of school.

Week 32

I had an amazing week 32. First, we started/are finishing scene 2 of “Gifted”. Next, my class had to take a practice test (since the big tests might be next week) and me and my friend Sunshine (we are both in the movie “Gifted” btw) got a 100 on the test and got a piece of candy… maybe, we are… Gifted (get it, our movie is called “Gifted” ) Then, in art we made clay balls/squares (mine was a square) of whatever we wanted ( I made a robot). Lastly, we saw a concert by the Soul Singers, it was really good, my friend Mackenzie was a really good singer. That was my 32nd week, only 3 more to go, then off to middle school.

Week 31

I had an amazing 31st week, we only have 5 more weeks until the end of school. First, we are having a fund raiser for a kid with a tumor/cancer, we get shaved ice if we donate 2 dollars or more, also we have Lucas bands. Next, I am making an kinda educational movie about character development, it’s called “Gifted” with Eric (older brother named Liam) Sunshine (younger sister named Emrika) Sydney (Emrika’s best friend named Penelope) Arianna (Grandmother) and Faith (mom named Liz a.k.a Elizibeth). Lastly, we are reading a novel called White Girrafe, it’s about this girl named Martine who moved to Africa. That was my amazing 31st week of school.IMG_6364